Service characteristics:
– client receives final renders, as 24bit jpg, tif or png, 300 ppi images
– active files are usually not deliverd to orderer

– individually calculated for each order, based on the type of visualization, its complexity, number and sizes of final images, and form of referal materials
– calculations are performed for each of the three subprocesses: modelling, rendering and postrproduction separately. Total price is a sum of these components.

– negotiated individually, depends on type of visualization and its complexity
– commonly takes few days to weeks

Typical stages:
– after reference material presentation, number and contents of images are set, project deadline is assessed and pricing is made
– filling of the order starts as soon as contract is signed
– first modelling is performed. During this stage client receives test renders, in order to get feedback on model details, camera positioning and contents of each frame
– on the texturing stage, materials feeling and look are consulted, unless they are precisely defined in delivered reference materials
– after based on test renders acceaptance of model, materials and frameviews, final full size images are rendered
– in the last step, postproduction according to client suggestions is performed
– final images are uploaded to ftp server or recorded on dvd disc and delivered to client along with reference materials

Additional terms:
– I can issue VAT invoices
– all copyrights to final images are passed to the client, but I reserve myself rights to publish final images in portfolio and any other catalogue of own achievements either as digital or printed images and to use them in self promotion

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