In the field of 3D graphics:

  • architectural visualization (static images, animations or virtual tours)
  • interior visualization (-||-)
  • visualization of product and packaging/wrapping
  • logo animation, advertising movie intros, shorts
  • renders for posters, covers, leaflets etc.

In the field of photography:

  • virtual tours
  • spherical panoramas
  • HDRI (High Dynamic Range Imaging) panoramas
  • sIBL (Smart Image Based Lighting) files, for lighting in 3D programs
  • textures, backgrounds, photos.

I perform the analysis and visualization of data.


I can issue VAT invoices.


Please contact me via the contact form or by mobile phone: +48 790 679 100 or skype:

Characteristics and realization of an exemplary job is available here: Architectural Visualization.

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