Royalty Free License

The terms of this license are a legal agreement between you and the licensor – Bartosz Trzaskowski, owner of the website. The use of images (photos, textures, HDRIs, sIBL files) from this website, licensed under Royalty Free license means accepting of the terms of this license. Images placed on this website are works under copyright law.

  1. The license is granted to the Licensee for acquired images regardless of their form of delivery.
  2. Licensee acquires the right to use the images without exclusivity. The same content can be used by other buyers.
  3. You may only use the images as part of the finished visual design for commercial or non-commercial work.
  4. Licensee has the right to use the acquired images for their own or contracted production.
  5. You may sell or transfer acquired images to third parties only in the form of finite graphic designs.
  6. You may not sell, dispense, or transfer in any other form rights to the downloaded images to anyone else
  7. You may not sublicense the acquired image.
  8. You agree to store downloaded images in an appropriate way that prevents them to be downloaded directly from the website or a shared server or through programs for public network file sharing.
  9. Licensor shall not be liable for third party claims arising in connection with use of the images by Licensee.
  10. Licensor makes no warranties regarding the use of names, architecture, trademark or intellectual or industrial property rights shown in the pictures. The obligation to obtain permission to use images containing objects protected under property rights, rests entirely on the Licensee .
  11. Authors of the images retain all copyrights , including property rights and intellectual property rights. Stock Purchase does not transfer copyright to buyer.
  12. In case of a breach of the terms of this license by the Licensee, or violation of personal rights in the photographs or copyright infringement, Licensor may claim compensation from the Licensee.
  13. The license is granted for an indefinite period, is a non-exclusive, non-transferable, and is not limited geographically .
  14. In matters not covered by this Agreement, shall be governed by the Civil Code and copyright law.

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