On this site I will keep on posting V-Ray/Blender Materials, created by me or freely accessible from internet.

In order to use these materials You need three things:

  • a V-Ray renderer from Chaos Group. Demo version can be downloaded from their website. Register, then: Download > Vray|Blender
  • a VRay/Blender build from eg Chaos Group or GraphicAll.org. Alternatively Blender with Blender to V-Ray exporter can be used but in this case it takes longer time to export meshes
  • a blend file with material from this site or V-RAy for Blender assets forum. The material can be imported to the scene in Blender by: File > Append > [browse to material blend] > Material. Select material and press Link/Append.

Ceramica Porosa
This material is based on the material created by Trazart from www.vray-materials.de
I made the texture tileable, equalized colors by wavelet decomposition and added a bumpmap. This render has been made using bump channel. Use of displacement would increase quality of the material, at the cost of complexity.

Ceramica Porosa by Trazart

Old Brick Wall
Brick texture is made of the picture of an old church wall, I took during a trip.

Old Brick Wall by bmt

Old Brick Wall by bmt

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

White Brick Wall
From www.vray-materials.de created by Arrrius.



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